About Us

For 4 years, 8G Power Computer has been the heart of the IT business in Indonesia. Today, we stand at a 1000% growth rate. The reason behind this success is not only reasonable prices but a family-like relationship with our customers. We understood that the business around the world has changed, and proudly, we were the first to introduce the idea “The Customers Are Important” in Indonesia. As the world is changing and the people demand value for the money, 8G Power Computer happily accepts it and provides what is best for the customers. We understand that change is constant, and in order to succeed, we have to keep evolving ourselves and deliver what the customers deserve. Therefore, you will always see 8G Power Computer evolve to upper levels.


Today, we have no time to spend hours in airtight markets to check product specifications and asking Laptop prices in Indonesia, and 8G Power Computer understands that. Therefore, we have designed a simple yet modern e-commerce website so that you can check our collections and compare prices while having a cup of tea at home.


We didn’t have online stores 4 years ago, but 8G Power Computer was thriving even then because of its physical store in Bandung. We were selling technological goods at a time when most people had no idea about computers. It would be true if we say we have been evolving parallel to our customers in terms of technology.


First of all, when you have 8G Power Computer, you don’t have to visit other stores to buy different accessories as we sell everything related to computers and technology. Second, what we sell comes at the most reasonable and competitive price in Indonesia. Third, we never sell anything that makes our customers unsatisfied, but we make sure that once a customer buys from us, they never go to any other shop in the market.


Company Details:

Legal name of the company: 8G Power
Phone number: +6281222102892
Email: service@8gpower.com
Physical address: Jl. Gatot Subroto No.264, Binong, Kec. Batununggal, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40275, Indonesia
Tax ID: 84.266.433.6-005.000
Business Number / SIUP: 9120253306205


The store is open regular hours. We prefer wearing masks. You may do as you wish. If you are sick, please wear a mask. We have free masks available.

Our web store is open 24/7.